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Lift Kits in Houston, TX

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Lift Kits in Houston, TX

So you’ve got a pickup or SUV and want some extra ground clearance…a lift kit sounds like the perfect way to do it, right? Not so fast there. Like with most things, there’s a right way and a wrong way to install a lift kit on a truck, and it’s a lot different from a lot of other auto repair tasks.

The weight and forces involved make installation pretty tricky. Even with plenty of jacks, hoists and tools, many a driver has ended up over his head trying to do a driveway lift kit installation, even if he’s done some auto repair work in the past. Also, a poor installation job or improper design can alter steering geometry or driveline angles enough to cause some real problems, and possibly some expensive auto repair complications.

Types of Lift Kits

There are two designs of lift kits: body lift kits and suspension lift kits. The body lift kit raises the body on a stock suspension system, while a suspension lift kit makes alterations to the height of suspension components to gain extra ground clearance for the body and frame. There are plenty of ways to accomplish lift and extra ground clearance, from something as simple as a block between the leaf spring and the leaf spring perch to much more complex lift setups. Add-a-leaf kits are also pretty common, with an extra leaf or two inserted into the truck’s leaf pack.

Regardless of which lift kit arrangement you choose, lift kits are configured and designed specifically to each year, make and model of truck or SUV. The best way to ensure a truly robust truck is to pair your lift kit with performance suspension modifications, with upgrades to shock absorbers, springs and other parts. That way you can accommodate bigger wheels and tires and be ready for the rigors of off-road use with a vehicle that’s got much more than a tall stance.

A Word of Caution

For trucks that have been radically lifted, sway bars are advisable to counter the top-heavy feel and loss of balance and stability that comes with the added height. Sway bars enhance stability and control for cornering and are especially advisable for street driving. In addition, steering damper kits help cut vibration, reduce “bump steering” and can extend the life of tires, ball joints, tie rod ends and other steering parts. Both are recommended, particularly when installing oversized tires.

It’s important to remember that the higher you lift a vehicle and the more radical the lift kit, the more complicated things start to become with other suspension and steering components. If you’re seriously thinking about installing a lift kit (or any other auto repair job you might have in mind), call us at McIntyre Automotive in Houston, TX and make an appointment