6003 Brittmoore Rd
Houston, TX 77041

Mon-Fri: 8am - 6pm

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Employment: General Shop Technician/State Inspector

•Maintain a good and positive attitude and team concept at all times.
•To act in a professional manner suitable as to represent a quality organization with which you are employed, in every instance projecting an attitude of honesty, integrity, and respectfulness.
•Assist in all housekeeping functions of the shop, office, and parking lot as directed by management.
•Shuttling customers to nearby home or place of business.
•Desire to learn and be an on-time, dependable team member with the opportunity to advance.
•Do all Maintenance work such as oil changes, state inspections, tire rotations, suspension alignments, etc.
•Insure all under-car, under-hood and preventive maintenance inspections and reports are complete and accurate.

  • HS Diploma and enrolled in college
  • Driver License
  • Some automotive repair experience would help
6003 Brittmoore rd
Houston , TX 77041

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