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Electrical Systems in Houston, TX

electrical systems repair houston, txYour vehicle's electrical system is made up of a complex network of circuits that create, store and distribute energy where it's needed. Much of your electrical system maintenance  and other auto repair can be done through McIntyre Auto in Houston, TX

.During a battery inspection our technicians check:

  • Overall car battery and case condition
  • Cable connections
  • Hold-down hardware


Checking the starter means:

  • Inspecting cable connections
  • Inspecting mounting bolts and brackets
  • A Starter Electrical "Draw" Test, to check the amount of electricity needed to turn the engine over

Checking the alternator means:

  • Conducting an overall visual inspection
  • Inspecting the drive belt
  • Inspecting the mounting brackets
  • Testing electrical connections
  • A Charging System Test to ensure that the alternator current and voltage are to manufacturer's specifications.

Visit McIntyre Auto to service your vehicle's electrical system and to meet you other auto repair needs in Houston, TX!