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Springtime, Potholes and Wheel Alignments

June 11th, 2015
Wheel Alignments in Houston, TXThis past winter was a rough one just about everywhere, even in Houston, TX! At McIntyre Automotive, every spring means drivers coming in for wheel alignment in Houston, TX. Here are a few indications your car might need an alignment too: 
You notice your tires wearing unevenly. Tires that are out of alignment will constantly try to push or pull the vehicle in a different direction, and the extra drag incurred by that will scrub tread from the inner or outer edges of a tire. That means that your tires will wear out quickly, plus the added friction will cut into fuel economy. This is one of the easiest, most obvious indicators that you’re in need of wheel alignment in Houston, TX.
You are noticing changes in steering or handling. That could mean a pull to the right or left, having to hold the wheel off-center while headed straight down the highway, or noticing a “heavy” or “clumsy” feel to the car’s handling. 
Your car recently took a hard hit on a pothole, curb or other obstacle. Along with the above-mentioned pull to one side or another, you might notice a pronounced vibration through the steering wheel. You might also notice a heaviness, like your car suddenly drives more like a dump truck. In many cases when someone comes in for a wheel alignment in Houston, TX after such an impact, suspension/steering parts are damaged (or possibly even a rim) and need to be replaced before a proper wheel alignment can be done.
You’re concerned about safety. Consider this for a moment. A front end that’s out of spec by only ⅛” might present a slight pull to one side or another. If you were to let go of the wheel and drive for one mile, however, your car would be 28 feet off of a straight-line track! In addition to wearing tires prematurely, poor alignment angles compromise traction. 
You’re considering new tires. If you’re thinking it’s time to replace your tires, doesn't it make sense to start fresh with a proper wheel alignment? Schedule an appointment with McIntyre Automotive in Houston, TX today! 
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