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Alternator Repair in Houston, TX

Electrical systems are responsible for starting your engine, and operating your electrical components such as windshield wipers, radio, front lights, power windows, and engine fans. McIntyre Auto has top quality electrical systems inspections including alternator repair, and battery replacement, as well as a variety of auto repair services in Houston, TX at competitive prices!

Elements of Electrical Systems Houston, TX Alternator Inspections

alternator service houston txWhy service is very important: Problems can be identified early and determined to be battery issues, cable or belt concerns, or also the alternator itself. To prevent additional failure of your electrical system, a failing alternator can easily drain the battery power, for example, make sure that you watch for indications of electrical issues and address all concerns before they develop added repairs.

Your automobile's electrical system is composed of a complicated connection of circuits and your battery that develop, store and circulate power where it's needed. The electrical system is likewise vital for starting the engine and also certain safety components like headlights and blinkers. Much of your electrical system routine maintenance can be done by our in house technicians.

In the course of a battery examination our technicians check:

  • Overall automobile battery and case condition
  • Cable connections
  • Hold-down hardware

Checking the starter means:

  • Inspecting cable connections
  • Examining positioning bolts and brackets

A Starter Electrical "Draw" Examination, to inspect the amount of electrical energy needed to turn the engine over the engine over. Checking the alternator indicates:

  • Carrying out a general visual assessment
  • Inspecting the drive belt
  • Evaluating the placing brackets
  • Testing electrical hookups
  • A Charging System Examination to make certain that the alternator existing and voltage are to manufacturer's specifications

McIntyre Auto Alternator Repair and Auto Repair Services in Houston, TX

Our auto repair mechanics are happy to answer all of your electrical system inquiries. Call today or visit your local McIntyre Auto store to setup your next alternator inspection or other auto repair in Houston, TX.